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Indira Fellowship
Frequently Asked Questions
Generic Questions

1. When is the last date to apply for the fellowship?

Last date of application has been extended. Last date of submission is 30 September 2023.

2. What are the eligibility criteria to be a fellow?

Any woman who aspires to bring a change in the society & wishes to take up leadership roles in the political arena, with effective communication skills and reasonable technical knowledge qualifies to be a fellow.

3. When will you know if you are shortlisted for the fellowship?

The evaluation process for the fellowship will take around 4 weeks following which the applicants will learn about their selection.

4. What are the responsibilities of a fellow?

The fellow will work closely in her respective block/district and establish the “Indira Activity Center” or Shakti Club. The Shakti Club will work in 3 major domains – Awareness, Sisterhood & Nation Building. During her fellowship journey, Indira Fellow will receive several opportunities for networking, learning and growth.

5. How long is the selection process for an applicant to be shortlisted?

The selection process takes at least 4 weeks.

6. 5. Will there be a stipend for the fellows?

Only a selected number of Indira Fellows will be given stipends subject to certain norms and conditions.

7. Can an NRI apply for the fellowship?

The fellowship is only open to women residing in India as it entails nurturing leadership and extensive ground work at local and regional levels.

Program-related Queries

1. When does the fellowship program start?

The fellowship program starts from September 2023.

2. What is the duration of the fellowship program?

The fellowship is a 9-month long program.

3. Is this a full-time role in the fellowship?

Yes, the fellowship requires a full time role.

4. Will the fellows receive any kind of certification on the successful completion of the program?

Yes, each fellow shall be awarded with a certificate on successful completion of the fellowship program.

5. Will the fellows be mentored during the program?

Yes the fellows will receive mentorship from experienced political leaders and extensive opportunities to connect with a diverse network of activists, experts & more.

6. Is there a specific location where the applicant needs to be, to be a part of the fellowship program?

Fellows will be required to travel extensively in urban & rural areas across their districts and beyond if necessary.

7. What is the structure of the fellowship program?

After the applicant is shortlisted, she will undergo an ‘Induction Training Program’ for 3-7 days, followed by deployment in the field & execution for 90 days. A 2nd training will be conducted for 3-7 days respectively to analyse & discuss field work, followed by execution in the field with the updated reports. The last training will also be for 3-7 days, discussing the progress made in the respective districts, followed by a concluding work execution in the district.

Your Political Career

1. What opportunities may a fellow receive at the completion of the fellowship program?

Post the fellowship program, fellows based on their performance and progress will gain opportunities to be inducted in the Congress Party & also be considered for electoral roles in their area.

2. Will the fellow have an opportunity to work & be associated with the Congress Party after the Indira Fellowship?

Exemplary performances will definitely have the opportunity to be associated with the Congress Party in different electoral roles.

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