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Raise Funds for Indira Fellows 

Indira Fellwoship  is a 9 months fellowship program. Women leaders will be brought to the forefront of our Politics & Society. 
An Indira Fellow is to build a “Shakti Club” an activity center for Women in every Village Panchayat, Urban Basti & College/University Campus. The centre will work in three domains - Awareness, Sisterhood & Nation Building. 

Awareness Creation : Education, Employment, Health, rights and entitlements, Govt schemes.

Community Building : Help fellow women to avail different govt schemes. Community building through various 
cultural & sports events. 

Nation Building : work towards betterment of the village / basti /college campus.

Let’s together ensure that women hold their rightful place in shaping INDIA’s future.
Aadhi Aabadi’ for ‘Poora Haq’!


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